Water Softener Salt

Branded EcoWater 25kg Bagged Salt

Yes, there is a difference when it comes to the kind of salt you use in your water softener. There are many different kinds of salt available on the market today but what do you choose? Some salt can be dirty, creating a dirty “sludge” in the bottom of your water softener, this is not a good quality kind of salt. This dirty “sludge” can get into valves, seals and various other important parts on your water softener, creating a build-up and thus leading to other problems. Good quality salt should be bright white and solid. It shouldn’t break apart, turn to mush or be grayish in color. By choosing good quality salt like EcoWater branded bagged salt you will prolong the life of your water softener. EcoWater Kitchener maintains a skid of EcoWater branded bagged salt at all times. Try it for yourself.