Reverse Osmosis Filters

Filters, Filters and More Filters….

Do you own a reverse osmosis drinking water system? Than chances are, we have the filters you require. EcoWater Kitchener carries a wide range of carbon block filters as well as sediment filters for your reverse osmosis drinking water system, even if your drinking water system is of a different brand. Our filters are high quality micron filters and have proven over the years to be very satisfactory to our existing customers. But it doesn’t stop there, we also carry the membrane’s as well as taste and odor filters for your reverse osmosis drinking water system. EcoWater Kitchener also carries the proprietary filters and membranes for EcoWater models HERO 375, ERO 375, ECO 550, ERO R335, ERO 335E, 175 and Northstar as well as Kenmore models. EcoWater Kitchener can also provide the service of changing these filters out for you. We truly are your one stop water shop for all of your water treatment needs.