Coolers & Cooler Accessories

Purchasing a cooler is a great low cost solution to providing your home, office or cottage with high quality, fresh, clean water for drinking and cooking. EcoWater Kitchener offers a variety of cooler styles ranging from standard, floor model, conventional coolers to counter top styles that take up less floor space, great for condo’s, small offices or cottages. Our coolers also come with hot and cold options as well as fridge space built in and are available in many different colors. Some other accessories EcoWater Kitchener carries:

  • Hand Pumps For Bottled Water
  • Water Sample Cups & Dispensers
  • Bottled Water Spouts
  • Ceramic Water Crock Dispenser
  • Water Crock Stands
  • Bottled Water Cradles
  • Reverse Osmosis Cleaning Kits
  • Cooler Cleaning Kits
  • Different Sized Bottles For U-Fill
  • Pet Dishes For Dispensing Water
  • Covers For Bottled Water (different designs available)