About Us

EcoWater… Innovation, Reliability & Exclusive Features

The vision at EcoWater Systems has remained consistent since 1925: build strong relationships with its customer network and provide the best water treatment products available. But the definition of product is not just the equipment itself. Together with the most advanced, innovative and superior water treatment products on the market, the shared commitment to provide exceptional, industry-leading service and support at all levels is what differentiates EcoWater Systems from its competitors.

As a leader in the water treatment industry since 1925, EcoWater Systems has a history of stability, dependability and commitment. EcoWater Systems has pioneered several industry firsts, such as high-capacity resin, fiberglass tanks, single cabinet water softeners, iron-free water softeners and remote monitoring. EcoWater Systems leadership is made possible by manufacturing the industry’s most extensive line of high quality and efficient residential water treatment products – products that have earned the esteemed and highly recognized seals of approval.

In addition to its high performance features and capabilities, the EcoWater Water Softener is designed to be durable and to accommodate different installation requirements. Where space is limited, you can choose a single tank water softener. EcoWater water softeners are available in sizes that accommodate any family size and water condition.

EcoWater….The EcoLogical Choice

EcoWater Water Softeners and Refiners regenerate only as needed – to meet your families water needs. They regenerate based on the amount of water your family requires. EcoWater’s patented regeneration process can save up to 40% on salt and water consumption compared to our competitors. As well all EcoWater Water Softeners and Refiners are ENERGY STAR qualified, saving electricity costs.

When you treat your water with a system from EcoWater you will need less soap for laundry, dishes, and personal care. Your counter tops, sinks, tubs and showers will be free from build-up, so you will need fewer cleaning agents. By eliminating scale build-up EcoWater Softeners and Refiners boost efficiency of your other appliances like water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers. EcoWater Softeners and Refiners are the most salt-efficient systems on the market. Demand regeneration not only saves water and energy, it also reduces salt consumption. With an 80-year history of making water cleaner and safer, EcoWater understands consumer safety as well as safeguarding the environment by eliminating the use of harmful compounds in its manufacturing process.

EcoWater’s prime objective in manufacturing is to always minimize waste. Virtually all of our waste plastic is recycled and used as high energy. Our aluminum, brass, steel, cardboard, pallets, and paper are recycled as raw materials for use in other industries. Being SARA 313 compliant means we manufacture our water treatment products without emitting any harmful substances.

Another industry first…..EcoWater is proud to announce that it is the first water treatment company to receive the ZeroFootPrint Certificate of Compliance for water treatment products. This very thorough analysis looked at the carbon footprint of our Water Softeners, Refiners and Reverse Osmosis Drinking water Systems from the entire manufacturing process to the final product delivery, determining the impact on the environment

The use of EcoWater products has many environmentally friendly benefits such as: less energy consumption, less replacement or repairs of pipes and less use of detergents and shampoos. At EcoWater we fully appreciate our role and responsibility as a corporate citizen and are continually striving to reduce the environmental impact of whatever we do and the water treatment products we create. Lower energy consumption reduces green house gas emissions and the harmful impact of electricity generation. Using recyclable materials cuts the amount of waste and makes products safer for consumers. It’s in our name. It’s in our products. Eco was part of our name long before it was fashionable to be green. And we live up to it with our sights set on a better future.