Phyn Water Leak Detection

If you value healthy home water, you’ll appreciate how your water systems can affect the health of your home. Phyn uses proprietary leak detection technology to identify leaks in your home’s plumbing system before they cause damage to your home, or put a dent in your wallet.

EcoWater Systems is a technology leader when it comes to water softening and filtration, which makes us an ideal installation partner for Phyn water leak detection systems for homeowners.

Protect Your Home and Save Money

With the most accurate leak detection solution, you’ll save money on water costs, and potentially save up to 20% on insurance costs when you add a Phyn system to your home. Why? Leaks are 10x more likely to cause damage to your home than a fire. With Phyn protection you protect yourself from the hassle, and the cost, of leaks throughout your home. From pinhole leaks to busted toilet flappers to catastrophic water events—you can detect and address leaks before they become an issue.

Meet The Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant

Phyn Plus is a single connected device that is installed, by an EcoWater Pro, on your home’s main water line. Your smart water assistant uses machine learning to understand your home’s unique patterns of water use and consumption, and uses that information to detect and alert you to abnormalities. Not only can Phyn Plus identify issues with your whole home’s plumbing system, once it learns your fixtures and system, it can shut off the water automatically, mitigating damage and delivering peace of mind.

Get Alerts, Control From Anywhere, And Stay Informed


  • Get alerted to leaks. SMS and push notifications sent as soon as Phyn Plus detects a leak.
  • Monitor multiple properties. Easily manage leak alerts and see water usage for up to six properties.
  • Frozen pipe detection. Early warning alerts before your pipes freeze


  • Auto Shutoff mitigates damage. Once Phyn learns your fixtures, it automatically shuts off your water in event of a leak.
  • Turn off your tap, with a tap. Control your home’s water shutoff from anywhere.


  • Diagnostic “plumbing checks.” Daily tests report on pressure irregularities and tiny leaks.
  • Watch your water use. See how much water you use monthly, weekly, daily and hourly.
  • Water usage insights. See how much water is used by your showers, toilets, irrigation system, and more.