24-Hour UFill Water Station

Reverse osmosis (R/O) is a water treatment process in which water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane that has very small holes or “pores”. Clean water passes through and impurities that are too big to pass through the membrane are left behind and flushed away.

At EcoWater Kitchener we are committed to providing you and your family the best possible drinking water available. People now, are living longer, healthier and more productive lives. Yet, interestingly enough, we sometimes pay very little attention to the water we drink, and cook with. Just because the water out of your tap looks and tastes good, does not mean it is good. Water is considered “clean” when it leaves our local water treatment facility but can become contaminated by the time it reaches our taps. Small breaks in our underground pipelines can allow contaminants to seep into the water. As well, heavy metals can be found due to the traveling of the water through our pipelines. Even with that said, there are other contaminants to consider when drinking our local tap water like salts and bacteria. In some cases our local tap water has more chlorine and ammonia in it than a swimming pool.

By mass, human cells consist of 65–90% water (H2O). Oxygen therefore contributes a majority of a human body’s mass. Almost 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of the six elements oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. Water plays a key role in our body’s temperature regulation, lubrication of muscles and joints, digestion and transporting nutrients. Water can also improve skin complexion and texture, help weight control and simply replenish lost fluids on a hot summer’s day. With all these important functions of water in your body….does it not make sense to put only high quality water into your body?

EcoWater Kitchener’s 24 Hour U-Fill Bottled Water Station is here for you to do just that !!!

  • Available in 18L or (5 Gallons) 11.5L or (3 Gallons) 7.5L or (2 Gallons) & 4L or (1 Gallon).
  • High Quality, No Spill Caps.
  • Convenient Parking & Easy Access.
  • Well Maintained & Clean.
  • Our R.O Water Is Tested Regularly.
  • Calibrated to Accept The New Canadian Coins (June 2012).
  • Convenient 24 Hour Availability.
  • Bottle Sterilizing Available.
  • Seniors Discounts.
  • Available Carry-Out At No Extra Charge.