EcoPure 6000

Introducing EcoPure

EcoWater’s line of EcoPure Water Softeners are specifically manufactured for individuals or families who prefer high quality and efficient water treatment products, however there may be household budget restrictions. EcoPure Water Softeners are the perfect, low cost solution to solving your water treatment needs. Competitively priced, backed by manufactures warranties, available in different sizes and one of the most efficient water softeners on the market today, the only thing “budget” about the EcoPure Water Softener is the price.


  • High Efficiency Setting
  • Demand Electronics, only regenerating when needed.
  • Bypass included to allow for easy shut-off or bypassing needs.
  • 1 year full warranty & 10 year limited warranty.

Available Sizes:

  • EP 6225 ( Twin Tank ) 28,700 grain capacity
  • EP 6130 ( Single Tank ) 30,200 grain capacity
  • EP 6245 ( Twin Tank ) 45,400 grain capacity
  • EP 6260 (Twin Tank ) 61,400 grain capacity