Meet Ecorilla!

July 12th, 2012 | Blog

EcoRilla™ is our community spokesperson. EcoRilla™ wants to make everyone aware of how important our water is. He has tips for the whole family so everyone will think about using less water each day, so we will always have safe, clean drinking water. On average, Canadians use more water than any other country! The EcoRilla™ message is important because although water seems to be everywhere, we could run out of drinking water because we are over-using it.

Water for most of us comes out of the tap; we use it constantly and most of us don’t often think about the impact of how much we are using. In some parts of the world, water doesn’t come out of taps and kids have to walk hours everyday just to get safe, clean water they can drink!

We need to make sure we all have safe, clean water for generations to come, so the first comic book starring EcoRilla™ is below for you to read online or download. He will show you how each person can help conserve our most precious resource- clean, drinkable water.